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Tuesday, November 1, 2011
TVS Scooty Streak 2012 New Uniforms

TVS Scooty Streak 2012 New Uniforms

TVS Motor has launched a new version of Scooty Streak 2012, is now available in all black with a choice of 5 different graphics.

Scooter from India also perfected a more contoured seat for increased ergonomics and comfort. Added also features anti-skid tire.

Streak 2012 is given a new twist on the rear lights that use LED lights to make it look more modern.

Like the other TVS products, Streaak been equipped with mobile phone charging. So that the scooter is tgerlihat smart and practical.

Remain supported with 90 cc engine capable of generating power 5.1 hp at 6500 rpm and 5.8 Nm at 4,000 rpm. With a top speed of 80 kph for the scooter that weighs 96 pounds.
Honda Integra engined 670cc scooter Future

Honda Integra engined 670cc scooter Future

Honda Europe days ago, Monday (24/10), announces the introduction of the latest model Integra. In a news release sent to say, the middle class of this scooter is the first model that carries the latest lightweight engine liquid-cooled.

Integra himself campaigned as a model for future motorcycle is extremely energy efficient and friendly lingungan. With a 2-cylinder inline engine cylinder capacity of 670cc, Integra produces maximum torque at low engine speed to medium.

Integra also referred to as a scooter because it has been applying advanced dual clutch technology (Dual Clutch Transmission). This gear system can run automatically or manual mode if needed.

With such capabilities as the Honda Integra claims prakatis motorcycles and fun when driving.

As a teaser Honda Integra also designed the original so that it looks so thick and stylish looks. The lines of sculpture made ​​prominent by the surface is so smooth.

Sitting position even becomes an important consideration for Honda to let users continue to feel comfortable when traveling far. No less than that, Integra also provide wind protection to provide a sense of relaxation

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